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English Speaking Accountant Istanbul Turkey
Sadi Tekince, Founder

Professional Experience:

  • Standard Ünlü Menkul Değerler A.Ş. (2014-2020): Sadi played a pivotal role during his six-year tenure at Standard Ünlü Menkul Değerler A.Ş., the Turkish arm of South African Standard Bank. In the last two years, he served in a key position at the CEO's office, contributing to high-level strategic decision-making.

    • CEO's Office (2018-2020): In the final two years of his tenure, Sadi held a prominent role within the CEO's office. He actively contributed to executive-level decision-making processes, providing invaluable insights and support to the leadership team. This experience further enriched his strategic acumen and leadership capabilities.

  • PwC and Erdikler YMM (now KPMG): Before his investment banking days, Sadi gained valuable experience at renowned firms such as PwC and Erdikler YMM (now KPMG). As a tax auditor, he engaged with over fifty clients across diverse sectors, honing his skills in navigating complex tax landscapes.

Professional Qualifications:

  • SMMM License (2009): Sadi holds a license as a Certified Public Accountant (SMMM) in Turkey since 2009, demonstrating his commitment to professional excellence in accounting.


  • MBA, Istanbul Technical University (ITU - EMBA Class of '07): Sadi earned his MBA degree from Istanbul Technical University, showcasing his dedication to advancing his knowledge and skills in business administration.

  • BA in Economics, Kocaeli University: Sadi holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Kocaeli University, forming the academic foundation for his successful career.


Current Role at SoHo:

  • SoHo (Since 2014): Since founding SoHo in 2014, Sadi has been instrumental in serving multinational clients, overseeing their accounting, reporting, and payroll needs. Leveraging his expertise with SAP, HFM, and various local accounting software, he ensures seamless financial management for clients.


Additional Skills:

  • Sworn Translator: Beyond his financial expertise, Sadi is a sworn translator, showcasing his linguistic proficiency and ability to bridge communication gaps.

Ömer Sepin

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Nataliia Tekince

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